The Cars. The Myths. The Legends.

Blitz Automotive posters and fine art prints are depicting the most significant moments of motorsport history and automotive industry. The artworks are crafted in hyper realistic manner with help of CGI, with an astonishing level of details and historical accuracy.

  • Research

    Behind every poster there are hundreds of hours of study and research. It is a big challenge to work on the artworks of the legends of motorsports and to achieve a result which will satisfy an eagle eye of true fans of racing. That means that every detail has to be noted — from tiny bolt nuts, to a peeled paint at specific place and a dirt splash of specific shape.

  • Development

    Creating an automotive artwork is like 1000 hours enduring racing. It is a long, multi stage process that requires a lot of technical and artistic skills. From the development of historically accurate 3D models of the car, with textures and materials where all the details from the research are replicated, to a recreation of a specific environment where the racing event takes place.

  • Product

    We are paying the same amount of attention to the production of the posters, as we do for the development of the artworks. We are involved in every step of production, from the selection of premium heavyweight paper from the best manufacturers, to color proofing with Germany's most advanced printers. Each poster is inspected for quality before shipping.